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ESSENS and South Africa

South Africa is called the country of many faces for a reason. At one moment you can experience unchained nature and natural African wildlife, at other moment the unspoiled beauty, then the next day, you can instead of the adventure in the wild safari enjoy civilization at its best. "The world in one country" is probably the most appropriate nickname for this diverse land.

And a large ESSENS group had the opportunity to be a part of this “world” for 14 days in October.

Through several motivational programmes, 9 leaders qualified for this adventurous journey, and with their family members and ESSENS leadership, went to visit the corners of Cape Town and Durban. We got to see the Cape of Good Hope, which was first sailed around in 1488 by the Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, and just like the members of his Portuguese crew, from centuries ago, we too spotted wild penguins, whales and seal. Together we visited the best-known wineries in the Southern Hemisphere and went on safari to get acquainted with ‘The big five’, the five most dangerous, awe inspiring animals which are: the African Elephant, the Rhinoceros, the African Buffalo, the Lion and the Leopard. Many other representatives of fauna and flora were also on display. We also visited traditional African tribes, had a two-day stay in Swaziland, swam in the Indian Ocean and could admire especially the amazing diversity of landscapes we visited.

Let us now take a glimpse of which adventures the ESSENS expedition experienced on their unforgettable holiday.